Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Easily Broken

You're Married. The Honeymoon is over. So, after all of that planning, how do you build a solid marriage and make it work? So many of us get caught up in the planning of a wedding that we don't think about the marriage, and that it takes a lot of WORK!

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of viewing the film Not Easily Broken, which was directed by Bill Duke and based on the novel Not Easily Broken by Bishop T.D. Jakes. Bishop Jakes, pastor of the Potter's House in Dallas Texas, and lead male actor in the film Morris Chesnut served as Executive Producers and I would highly recommend that all married couples go see this film. The film also stars Taraji P. Henson, Eddie Cibrian, Jenifer Lewis, Wood Harris, Kevin Hart, Niecy Nash, Maeve Quinlan, Cannon Jay and a great supporting cast.

This heartwarming film really focuses on the ups and downs of marriage and the challenges it takes to sustain it. Although the film focuses on marriage from a Christian perspective, I believe that all married couples can get something out of this film. When I left the theater I had tears of joys in my eyes and it made me reflect on marriage and the importance of working at it no matter what obstacles come up. Communication, Mutual Respect, Trust, Love & Honesty are the keys to making a marriage work.

Here is a brief SYNOPSIS of the film and please go see it, you won't regret it!

Dave and Clarice Johnson are in their second decade of marriage. Dave’s dreams of major league baseball success were dashed by an injury in college, leading him to a steady but unfulfilling career as the head of a small construction firm. Clarice is basking in the glow of real estate stardom, creating a life that revolves around her rise to the top. She has become blind to Dave’s needs, the most important being his desire to become a father and start a family with her. They face a total disruption in their lives when a car crash seriously injures Clarice, whose meddling mother, Mary, blames Dave for her daughter’s leg injuries and derailed career. Help comes in the form of kind-hearted physical therapist and single mom Julie Sawyer, whose son Bryson is coached by Dave and his pals Brock and Tree in Little League baseball. Though Clarice is helped by Julie’s care, she becomes concerned that her constant criticism of Dave has pushed her husband away--possibly into the arms of the empathetic Julie. Soon Dave and Clarice must face a married couple’s most serious questions: are we really meant to be together, and if we are, how do we fight to keep what we have built as man and wife?