Friday, October 31, 2008

Saying I Do With a Boo!

If you are the type of person that loves scary movies, all things horror and even candy corn you should consider having a Hallowedding. Halloween themed and inspired weddings allow all sorts of unique ideas to come out. If you are considering giving your guests something that they will never forget this is a perfect holiday to do that. First don't automatically think that a Halloween theme means going goth. Goth-inspiration is only one way that this kitchy theme can be done, you can change it to be more retro and have a fell of returning to your childhood or you can go for Halloween glamour and take a chic an sophisticated approach. Here are some ways to pull off a spook-tacular event that everyone will be happy to celebrate about.


The location for a wedding like this is very important because it can easily set the tone for the event. Choose an old Victorian style church complete with gargoyles watching overhead or a Gothic style mansion for your setting. For something a little more extreme a graveyard could be an ideal place, just make sure its ok to be there before walking over someones final resting place.

Of course the obvious choice of orange and black will jump to most peoples mind right away but also consider other dark romantic colors such as blood rose red, midnight blue or neon green for something fun. Something that would also be a great idea and not many people would think of is choosing the colors of candy corn - white, gold and orange still say Halloween just on a sweeter scale.

Other suggestions would be to have your table names at the reception be of classic horror movies, incorporate a string quartet to play old classics during the wedding and reception, use heavy and solid fabrics to give a plush, regal and dark feel while having pillar candles set up everywhere. Spider webs, cauldrons, brooms and pumpkins can fill corners and dazzle on tables for added fun.

Food, Cake and Concoctions
Creating food dishes that are not only festive but a little odd will make the event that more interesting. Dishes like pumpkin or tomato soup, artichoke hearts and beets, green eggs and ham or spaghetti with meatballs are all great choices. You may also want to see if you can change the color of some of your dishes so that they are a little spookier by sight and not taste. Don't forget to incorporate special cocktails for the event such as a hot spiced cider or a pomegranate martini with some dry ice for a smoky brew feel. The secret to the cake is actually the layer flavors for this event. Going against traditional flavors will open up your choices for pumpkin spice, pistachio and creme de banana. The classic choice for your cake filling would be red velvet because the color and taste are simply divine to use.

For the bride go all out and don a black gown or long sleek dress with a rich accent color. The groom can get all decked out in a top hat and tails for a Phantom of the Opera feel. As far as your guests are concerned ask them to dress in costumes to attend the wedding and that they can't get in unless they do. You can also ask your guests to dress in all black or only wear a small choice of colors to the wedding so that they are not only keeping with your ghostly theme but the bride will be a stand out in her all white gown.

DJ Tunes to Spin
Music is always important when it comes to getting down and making sure your guests have a great time but here are few tunes not to leave out of the play list

Thriller - Michael Jackson

The Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett
I Put A Spell on You - Nina Simone

Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley

Addams Groove - M.C. Hammer
The Time Warp - Rocky Horror Soundtrack

The theme songs from the Twilight Zone, X-Files, Jaws and the Poltergeist

No matter what you plan on doing for this festive day make it a special one, after all the day is about you and your special someone. Your guests will be amazed at the details and ways this theme can play out from beginning to end, This is the perfect occasion to have small surprises and unexpected turns through the evening...from fortune tellers, to a haunted house, an organ player or even a actors dressed as mummies and witches to mingle with your guests...the possibilities are endless for a fabulous Hallowedding!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Studio by Carmen Destination Wedding Giveaway!

My FAB wedding photographers Carmen and Favio from Studio by Carmen in Miami, Florida recently photographed our Destination Wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, West Indies on October 11, 2008. After shooting my wedding, Carmen and Favio decided that they are going to give away one FREE Destination Wedding Package to a lucky couple getting married in a destination location from June through December 2009! Carmen and Favio are so talented and this is an awsome deal for one lucky couple! You need to write a letter to Carmen about you and your fiancee' and the passion you feel towards one another and why you chose a destination wedding. You can read the complete contest rules here and the winners will be announced on Christmas Day! Here are some pictures from my wedding shot by Carmen & Favio:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

EVENTistas First Real Wedding!

Our first Wedding ever was my own Destination Wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Knowing that I wanted to launch EVENTistas, LLC I decided to plan my entire Destination Wedding and coordinate it on the day of the wedding. Our ceremony and reception was held at the beautiful and tropical location The Ruins. The reception was held just inside the glowing waterfalls where our guests dined and partied the night away!

Set to begin in the late afternoon our guests arrived in their requested color palette of cream, white and beige. The ceremony took place in front of a beautiful waterfall surrounded by tropical and exotic plants from the island.
Before the big day arrived I stepped into the role of Wedding Planner as I went around the island securing and tying up last minute details before the BIG DAY. From travel, to the cake, to hair and makeup I covered a lot of territory on the beautiful island.

Once it was time for me to step into the role of the bride to get ready my bridesmaids joined me to assist me getting dressed and down to the car that would take her down the aisle to the man of my dreams!At the reception the MC introduced the bridal party and us as the new Mr. and Mrs. to the guests. I surprised my groom with the intro song from the Monday Night Football theme.

Here is a sneak peek of our ceremony and reception! The cake table, favor table and candy buffet were covered in crystals ,candles and sheer turquoise fabric. Each table has special customed letters and words that were hand crystallized to match the theme. Photography is courtesy of the FAB Carmen and Favio Perez of Studio by Carmen!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Carrie Bradshaw: Wedded in Westwood

If you are a fan of the show Sex and the City as we are then you have ridden the long roller coaster ride that was Carrie and Big. In the newly released on DVD movie, we catch up with Ms. Bradshaw and her closest cronies as they prepare to say goodbye to the last single girl and shuffle her off into wedded bliss. For you fashionistas the Vogue shoot montage left your tongue wagging from bridal confections and creations by Lanvin, Dior, Carolina Herrera. The climactic appearance of the Vivianne Westwood gown sent our love for satin into overdrive! Before you run to re-watch the extended version of the film let's see what Carrie bridal ensemble was really made of....being such a fashion forward gal she had two ensembles.

Down the Aisle Take 1
Hailing from the Fall 2007 Wake up, Cave Girl! collection by Vivianne Westwood. The dress features and ivory silk-satin corset and ivory silk Radzimir taffeta skirt. Since this is a custom piece its starting cost is $18,000.

Accessoriezed with an elbow length veil and blue bird, Ms. Bradshaw's ensemble is completed with these Extreme Gladiator Platform's by Dior. Retailing at about $990 without the custom crystals added.

Down the Aisle Take 2

Ms. Bradshaw's "dress by no one" may not be available at any designer store but the vintage creation surely drew in buzz for its chic, spohisticated style and detail. If you are searching for a suit to say your I Do's in then you may want to try finding a pattern for this look and having a seamstress make your own version of the dress. Of course to reall feel like Carrie did you must not forget the signature blue satin Manolo Bhlanik pumps that she wore with it.

These beauties were custom made my Manolo for the movie and now retail from $885 at a store near you. These are the first shoes that were made specifically for Carrie's character although she has been a fan of the shoemaker for years.