Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wedding Customs: The Garter Toss

The tradition of removing the garter dates back to the 14th Century in France. When the groom removed the garter he was, in essence demonstrating to everyone, that the bride was relinquishing her status as a virgin. Back then, it was also traditional for the male wedding guests to accompany the newlywed couple to their bed chamber, after the ceremony. Sources say in following this practice guests some guests attempted to disrobe the new bride or "take liberties" with her. In order to keep the other men at bay, the groom would toss the bride's garter as a means of distraction. In American culture the Garter Toss has become a fun harmless tradtion and serves as a post nuptuial ritual between the groom and his bride and the groom and his single friends.I had my garters for my wedding made by The Garter Maker and I love how they turned out! We did the Bouguet and the Garter Toss at my reception and below are some steps for tossing the garter:

Step 1: Set up a specific time in your order of events at the reception to toss the garterStep 2: Select a song to toss the garter toStep 3: Have the bride sit down in a chair and the groom will remove the garter from the bride's right legStep 4: Have the DJ gather all of the single men and choose another song for the actual tossStep 5: The winner of the garter toss then puts the garter on the leg of the woman who won the bouquet toss