Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plus Size Boudoir Photography

In a society where advertisers, fashion designers and others have perpetuated the idea that a size 0-8 should be the ideal size for most American women, the reality is that the average American woman is a size 12-14. Ironically, size 12 and up in society is considered Plus Size or Full Figured. Now enter a recent popular trend in bridal related photography entitled BOUDOIR. Picture tasteful lingere (or NOT ;) and alluring poses captured by a photographer to immortalize your beauty and sex appeal for decades to come.

Who wouldn't want to be a Hollywood Pin Up Girl for a day?

Rita Hayworth

Dorothy Dandridge

Lena Horne

Many engaged/married women want to take Boudoir pictures for their fiancee'/husband and or themselves. The one thing I have noticed from chatting with many women is that they have to be in tip top shape or get down to a certain size in order to take these types of photographs.

As a full figured woman I feel that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and would encourage women no matter what size to embrace their inner and outer beauty. If you are worried about what you perceive to be your flaws being captured on camera a good photographer can minimize those flaws by using certain light and angles. Here are some Tips for Photographing Plus Size Models by author John G. Blair who wrote the book Digital Boudoir Photography: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Fabulous Images of Any Woman

-decide on features that you want to emphasize and those that you want to de-emphasize
-choose costumes and outfits (or even fabric) with that in mind
-think of some locations that will be private enough and not have a cluttered background
-use poses that are stretching rather than ones that "bunch" you up
-as others have said, don't be afraid to experiment
-curving poses are generally more flattering that stiff ones
-think of how the lighting will work with the location, costume, and time of day
-have fun with it