Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting Down to the Business of Business Cards!

Business Cards are a great networking tool that can help propel you and you wedding and/or event based business to new heights. Whether you are an event planner, photographer, graphic designer, or other vendor that caters to weddings and events; a great business card is a must have to develop long lasting relationships in the event and wedding planning industry.

Although horizontal business cards have always been the traditional standard, vertical business cards are the newest eye catching trend in the world of comany networking. Here are 5 reasons that all companies should have a business card:

1. Business cards can travel where resumes and portfolios can't. If you happen to be at an event or out on the street, you can always have business cards handy, but you may not always have a huge portfolio or resume with you to showcase your work.

2. Your business card is like your mini resume. It has your job title and all of your contact information in one compact place that is easy for potential clients to hold onto.

3. Business Cards have flexibility, not only can you pass them out but you can give them to other people to pass out as well, which helps spread the word about the particular service you offer.

4. Business Cards are a low-cost marketing tool!

5. Business Cards are very easy to make in programs like Microsoft Publisher or with online print companies likeVistaprint that utilize pre-made templates or templates you can custom design.

I designed our new company business cards in Photoshop and I decided to go with a vertical design:



With the right business card, you will be well on your way to developing long lasting relationships no matter what industry you are in!