Monday, November 3, 2008

Rock Your Vote With a Party!

This years presidential election has been a neck and neck race ever since the candidates declared they were running. This is the most historical and costly election in the history of the race and we know that all of our friends want to share in the story making with a fabulous to-do. Though we are not telling who we are pulling the lever for we will share some great ideas for you to have a candidate approved event!
Send out invitations that look like ballots or voting cards to your guests. You can use caricatures of both candidates on the invitations.

Serve red and blue cocktails and drinks for your guests and have a purple drink for those that are undecided, independent or who just don't want to tell which side they're on.

Serve dishes that can't be disputed as un-American such as hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and cheeses. You can also bring out the colored flair with strawberry and blueberry parfaits or firecracker popsicles.

For some tongue-in-cheek gestures you can play board games with an economic twist such as Are You Smarter than the President? Candidate Feud or just some good ok betting on who takes which states with Let's Make An Electoral Deal! Political Pictionary or Wheel of Fortune can be crowd pleasers as well.

Make sure to keep the party antics and heavy conversation light throughout the night. The last thing you want to do is insult your guests or have everyone miss the hour by hour action because of a comment gone wrong.

Though we are coming off the heels of Halloween you could stretch the costume aspect a few days and have people arrive as their favorite or most hated candidate. Hey someone may as Uncle Sam, a voting ballot, and elephant or a donkey!

Don't forget to include your kids and younger relatives in this party night. They may not be able to vote but this is a great learning tool for them and a chance for them to get a first hand look at what the last 21 months or ad campaigns, slogans and debates have come down too. Whatever you do this November 4th, please don't forget to vote! Despite some ill reports that were released all parties vote on the same day. Good Luck, get out and vote and happy partying!