Saturday, August 30, 2008

Did You Know?

You can bring nature and a more earthy feel into your home by changing just the accessories and a few decor points in your home! Our homes are our own personal signatures we establish in life, each one as unique as our voices and penmanship. In this day in age being green is a concept that has a large following and will most likely be here to stay so why not bring that green nature feeling inside for awhile? How can you bring something so vast as nature into your home you ask? It's not very difficult at all and can be easy enough for even the most low maintenance person that wants to connect a little further with mother earth.

Outdoor Elements

Bringing in some scenic elements such as a waterfall or setting up stones or shells in glass vases around to give the feel of a natural setting is a good way to start. Setting up a small area for plants either hanging or potted can give the feel of outdoors. Another way is to have fake branches in a tall floor vase displayed in a rooms corner or a whole fake tree can give you that indoor garden appeal.