Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wedding Customs Part II

We are back with the second edition of wedding customs where we finally getting to the bottom of those "traditions" and how they came to be in American culture. We do some without asking why such as having the brides family always being seated on the left side or tossing the bouquet; but others we know not why but do them just the same. Let's find out a little more about them...

Take Home Trinkets

Wedding favors have been around for thousands of years with many cultures participating in this practice. Favors are intended to be a token or appreciation for your guests in appreciation for them sharing your big day. Many cultures give five pieces of candy, such as almonds, to represent the wedding wishes: health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility. Favors were originally given in the form of sugar because it was very expensive and something only the very wealthy could afford. This showed that it was an exclusive item to receive on any special occasion.

You Have A Gift Mr. and Mrs.

Often times the bride and groom to be will have special gifts delivered to their beloveds before the ceremony as a somewhat grand gesture of their love and appreciation for them. This originated with Welsh and Pennsylvania Dutch couples who would craft special handmade gifts for their loved ones to be used in their home together. Couples today continue this tradition by writing special notes and poems or purchasing something sentimental and special to their their soon to be something they have always wanted.

Sign on the Dotted Line

When celebs and high profile people get hitched they often times sign a prenuptial agreement, however, long ago it was called flouncing! Flouncing was a gathering of the brides and grooms friends to get to know one another and was legally binding. If after this point either party wanted to get out of the impending marriage the other half was entitled to half of all of their property and possessions.

Arroz con no Pollo

Throwing rice at the happy couple is something that everyone does but most people probably don't know the meaning behind it. Rice being tossed at the couple means that the attendants wish then prosperity, fertility and life long happiness.

Riddle Me This
Here are a few old sayings from the bridal world, maybe you've heard them before...

Marry in white, you will do all rightMarry in blue, your man will be trueMarry in brown, you will live in townMarry in green, you should be ashamed to be seenMarry in red, wish yourself deadMarry in black, better turn backMarry in yellow, not marrying the right fellowMarry in gray, sadness will come your wayMarry on Monday for wealth,Tuesday for health,Wednesday the very best day of all,Thursday you will soon be counting your losses,Friday your crosses,and if married on Saturday, you will have no luck at all!

Other superstitions in the wedding world consisted of things such as the bride had to cook the first meal for her and the groom to eat after their weeding or else it was considered bad luck, an old frying pan or broom could not be used in the new couples house and these items would have to be purchased new for their home, which is why family and friends provide new items to the couple to put in their new house today. Whether you believe in these traditions and wives tails or think they are a bunch of hooey its always nice to have a reference of where they come from and why they are there int he first place.