Sunday, September 28, 2008

How Much Is It??

Ah yes! That pertinent question that always seems to cause red faces, stressed nerves, and eventually empty pockets. Setting and creating a budget for your event or wedding can be a difficult thing. If you are like me you have an amount that you'd like the event to cost but if you go over budget oh well and if it comes in under budget, kudos to you!

When we initially sit down with clients to discuss their budget we often have to give them harsh realitites of how much things will actually cost them in the end. It seems that while they are throwing out ideas and fantasizing about their day they are completly shutting out the fact that they have to pay for all of the glamour and probably have a bill or two to pay on the side. What many clients don't remember is that once you make the budget, you have to stick with it until the actual event. When it gets nearer to the date many couples come up short with funds and that is the time when the largest and most important aspects you can't skimp on need to be paid (i.e. the final venue payment, transportation, flowers, etc.).

Before you dive into purchasing things and committing to every cute and spectacular idea you see, take a moment to write out all of the things you may need for the event. Once you have made the list estimate how much you want to spend on each line item. Don't forget to do your research on prices in your area or in the area that your event is being held. Always remember to include shipping, tax and gratuity where needed, most people leave these things out and get stressed when they go over budget due to miscalculations.