Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

When it comes to a bride choosing her special ladies in waiting it is often an easy task. You may be a bride that can rattle off 5 names at the drop of a hat. Other brides are not so lucky, debating and deliberating over who these special picks will be. Some worry that family members feelings will be hurt and friends will see how "unimportant" they are, which isn't true. A bride must remember a few things when making a big decision like this.

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1. How many people do you want in your bridal party and is this number flexible? You have to see how many attendants you an afford to have in your wedding and make sure the groom can match that number.
2. Have you promised a spot to someone before making your final decision? Sometimes in the excitement of taking about weddings, brides want all of their girlfriends to be their bridesmaids until they make out the list and want to import a few family members as well.
3. Will the people you are choosing be reliable and supportive of your wedding? This is an important question because you need your bridesmaids to assist you when you need them to, show for fittings and meetings and support you and you future husband in making your day special.
4. Will your bridesmaids be accommodating but also know when to give an opinion? You will want your bridesmaids to wear a dress of your choosing so to help the process be as painless a possible you will want to have maids that are accommodating to your requests, as long as they are outlandish. It's also good to have maids that will give you opinions on things and be able to give them with tact and compassion.
5. Make sure that your special girls are available to be your bridesmaid. This not only includes the actual day of the wedding but also let them know that they will have fittings, rehearsals, showers and monetary obligations that they will be agreeing to.So what's the big deal about choosing your bridesmaids?
6. If you wind up choosing a mismatched group of people they may not get along or work well together, leaving you to hear about the arguments and catty comments. This is a special time for you as a bride and should be a happy occasion so really consider personalities, personal situations, and lifestyles when choosing your bridesmaids.